Avoiding Cupid Downtown: Your Anti-Valentine’s Day Guide

February 14 is around the corner, and if you’re less than excited we get it. Valentine’s Day isn’t a hit with everyone. Whether you’re more sour than sweet, or simply not a fan of the holiday, there are outings and events perfect for any Cupid cynic in Downtown St. Louis.


You have to eat, but you aren’t in the mood for lovey-dovey couples and candlelit dinners. How about a burger instead? 314 The City Bar is hosting Palentine’s Day, an all-day celebration centered around a build-your-own-burger platter. Does anything mend a broken heart better than a cheeseburger with all the fixings?


Perhaps a little cardio is the cure for your February 14 dilemma. Sweat out your anti-Valentine’s Day anger on the dance floor at EDM & Dance Wednesdays at Voodoo Saint Louis. With industry pricing on all drinks and food, as well as free entry, this music-focused event features local artists and producers every week.

For those not in the dancing mood, TRAP YOGA STL may be a better fit. This recurring event is exactly what it sounds like, and aims to provide a safe space for all types of yogis. Work on your downward dog while getting lost in your favorite songs in this 75-minute class.


So you want to turn your brain off entirely. That’s fair enough. Grab a beer and avoid talking to others this Valentine’s Day while watching live music. Local band Damaged is hosting an Anti-Valentine’s Day Show at Kelso’s Bar & Venue. Countdown the minutes until February 15 with other St. Louisans wanting to skip the holiday.

Maybe music reminds you too much of your ex. Does the panic and stress of a timed life-or-death mission sound romantic to you? We didn’t think so. Use all of your mental energy to solve intricate puzzles at Escape The Room St. Louis. Choose from four interactive rooms and get to work.

If all else fails, use Valentine’s Day as a time to get ahead on your finances. Find financial inspiration at the Inside the Economy Museum. While Valentine’s Day may feel never-ending to those who dislike it, the next stressful holiday is just around the corner: Tax Day.